White bean extract
White bean extract is available in a tablet formula. It is claimed to block the digestive enzyme alpha Amalase. This enzyme is a necessity for the digestive tract to break down the long chain starch Amylose. This long chain starch is found in such carbohydrate rich foods as lentils, rice and kidney beans. Amylose is a complex carbohydrate found in grains and vegetables. This long chain carbohydrate the accounts for 23% of potatoes and 35% of peas. Typically, cereals are 20 to 30 percent amylose. Both wheat and oats are 25% amylose.

In the human digestive tract, Alpha Amylase is a necessary enzyme used to convert amylose into glucose. Think of taking a long paper chain and cutting it into short paper chains with scissors. The longer chains are too large to be absorbed through the small intestine. The shorter chains, in the form of glucose, can be absorbed. The whole theory behind the white bean extract is that it blocks the alpha Amylase from breaking down the long chains and that the undigested carbohydrates simply pass through the digestive system. The undigested carbohydrates would be treated just as fiber or cellulose by the human body and are eliminated through the bowels.

White bean extract was used in a study by Italy in 2007 that showed a significant weight loss while on a 2000 to 2200 calorie high carbohydrate diet of the 30 subjects who took the white bean extract as compared to 30 subjects on a similar diet who did not take the extract. The subjects in this study were from 11 to 33 pounds overweight. It should also be noted that although these diets were high in carbohydrates, they were relatively low in fats. Consumption of cheese and eggs was limited to two times per week. Lean ham, beef or pork was allowed for dinner. Lunch consisted of pasta, beans or pizza.
In a similar study at UCLA, significant weight loss was shown for using White Bean Extract and remaining on a high carbohydrate diet. This study showed that by adding two 1-gram supplements of White Bean Extract two times daily, subjects lost over 8 ½ pounds as compared to those who took a placebo and lost less than two pounds on the average.

Truly, white bean extract is not the miracle pill that was described in the first paragraph of this article. Even while taking white bean extract, those trying to lose weight must continue to limit the amount of starchy foods that they eat. The bean extract does cause some gastric disturbances in some people. One of these studies required the participants to not begin any type of sports or exercise activities while on the study. It is likely that the results of these studies would have been even greater if the participants had been involved in a regular aerobic and strength training exercise program. The goal is to improve health. For example, one might lose a large amount of weight by having an ongoing bout with the stomach flu. When that bout is over you will have lost weight but there is almost a guarantee that you will not be healthier at the end of the illness. There is no miracle pill cause everyone to lose weight without effort. White bean extract may be useful in your attempt to lose weight but you will want to weight all your options. If white bean extract does fit into your plan great. If it does not, then find a plan that will work for you and stick to it.

What is White Bean Extract?
White Bean Extract blocks the enzyme alpha Amylase. Alpha Amylase is the enzyme needed to break down Amylose. Amylose is a long chain starch – think complex carbohydrate. Amylose is in kidney beans, rice and lentils. Cereals are typically about 20 to 30% amylose. Peas 35%, potatoes 23%, oats 25%, wheat 25%. So in general, amylose is a long chain, complex carb found in grains and vegetables.

Where it is found?
It is found in carbohydrate rich foods as lentils, rice and kidney beans.

Benefits / uses
The rate of obesity has doubled worldwide since 1980. As scientists continue to explore the effects of obesity on public health, they are also looking into new ways to help people lose weight. Research has consistently found a positive correlation between an over-consumption of complex carbohydrates and obesity, thus piquing the interest of researchers in practical ways to mimic results found with reducing complex carbohydrates in the diet. Some are looking to dietary supplements known as starch blockers.

While it is known that an excessive intake from all macronutrients, including carbohydrates, contributes to the development of obesity. Phaselous vulgaris, the clinical name for white kidney bean extract, is the principle ingredient in products known as starch blockers. The concept behind these dietary supplements, according to manufacturers, is to prevent a natural enzyme in saliva and the pancreas, called alpha-amylase, from breaking down carbs into simple sugars which could prevent the body from absorbing carb calories and thereby promote weight loss.

arw The white bean extract is also beneficiary in lowering the triglycerides.
arw It is also advantageous for degenerative arthritis.
arw Because of its ability to block carbohydrates, it is a good tonic for obesity and coronary arteries. It is undoubtedly the best fat absorber.
A naturally occurring alpha-amylase inhibitor in white kidney beans effectively interferes with the breakdown and, thus, the absorption of carbohydrates from your intestine. A March 2011 review in "Nutrition Journal" reported that a proprietary white kidney bean extract called Phase 2, in daily doses of 500 to 3,000 mg, has evoked weight loss among test subjects in ten clinical studies. Furthermore, blood glucose measurements and triglyceride levels dropped in some subjects using the white kidney bean extract.

Best Form For Human Consumption
White bean extract is available in a tablet formula

Possible Side effects / Precautions / Possible Interactions:
According to the Health Guidance website, some people suffer from various minor side effects and discomforts such bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Usually the gastrointestinal symptoms are short-lived and mild. Also, white kidney bean extract may lower blood sugar, and therefore close monitoring of blood sugar is important for patients with diabetes or those who have just undergone surgeries. Not enough is known about the use of white kidney bean extract during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is recommended to avoid use during these times.

White kidney bean extract is not a long-term weight-loss solution. Without adequate lifestyle changes, the user will regain weight as soon as the supplement use is discontinued.

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